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V12.11 – Released 1 June 2015
  • When setting up a SMSF the USI can now be left blank if the ESA and ABN are completed.


Issues Resolved
  • The Fund Bank combo was sometimes not hidden under specific circumstances when editing Super Fund Payment Details.


V12.10 – Released 15 May 2015
  • The Software Serial Number (SSN) is now displayed on the Company Window.

  • Added ‘Annual Leave and Loading (Cashed Out) (Taxed at Marginal Rate)’ Pay Type.

  • New e-Port™ Accounting Export for Biscount.

  • New e-Port™ Accounting Export for AM-WIN.

  • PAYG withholding – update to specification for self-printing payment summaries.

  • ‘On Anniversary of ‘Accruals Commencement Date’ Accrual Method.

  • ‘Percentage of Hours Worked’ Accrual Method.

  • Super Export File Format is now available from the Options Drop Down Menu as a Global Setting.

  • Reminder to Lodge TFN Dec was been updated to allow you to Submit, Ignore or Clear TFN Declarations.

  • Now includes Restore (rollback backups) folder when Transferring from ‘Old’ computer to ‘New’ computer.

  • Report Selection Criteria is now available for Awards Rate Update History.

  • Super Export File Format which is available from the Super Manager Drop Down Menu is now a Company Level Setting.

  • The Accrual Tracking Report has now been added to Pay Run Reports Window.

  • When e-PayDay® is opened without a valid licence file, Remote Desktop Support, e-PayDay® Manual, e-PayDay® Support and About e-PayDay® XX VXX.XX are available from the Help drop down menu.

  • The Reports Filter has been updated to allow for separate reporting sections.

  • The width of the Super Field on the Pay Envelope has be widened to allow up to a $1,000,000.00 contribution.


Issues Resolved
  • Super Manager – Search did not allow the user to mass update the Period Start Date of their Super Funds.

  • If the name or amount of a deduction was changed, it would affect the date order on certain reports.

  • Duplicate Company is now available for e-PayDay® 50 Business Edition™ Subscription.

  • When e-PayDay is opened without a valid licence file, the Utilities Menu is now available to allow for restoration of a back up.

  • If the date hired is changed after the award is set when adding a new employee, an alert will display stating the date hired is not in the current financial year.


V12.00 – Released 7 April 2015
  • A facility has been added to Pay Super in Super Manager which will display errors in an easy to read format.

  • When creating a FAST-Bank™ file by Location, the Location is now included in the FAST-Bank™ file name for easy identification.

  • A facility has been added to Pay Super in Super Manager which will allow the user to export error messages in a text file.

  • Option to either overwrite or append the existing SAFF File when creating a new file in the Pay Super Wizard in Super Manager.

  • Employee SG Details Quarterly Report (Contribution Rate B) for the chosen date range will now display the correct historical SG % for the period.

  • An option has been added to Company Preferences to no longer display the ʺStart Date and Accrual Commencement Dates Do Not Matchʺ alert.

  • Total Periodic Superannuation Contributions Report. This Report will list all Compulsory Employer Contributions & Salary Sacrifice Contributions (Pre Tax and Post Tax).

  • Employer Periodic SG Contributions Report – This report is a copy of Employer Periodic SG Contributions however ALL Funds are listed on as minimal pages as possible.

  • When an Award is set to Salary, you now only have to enter the Nominal Base Gross Wages / Salary. The Base Hours, Days per Working Week and Rate Per Hour are all automatically calculated.

  • If User Access Accounts are not established, e-PayDay® will not automatically load a company on start up. This feature has been introduced in preparation of Payroll Auditing in the Payroll Fraud Detection feature.


  • Improved Functionality for the Update Server.

  • Help Menu is always available on the Main Menu Bar (as long as e-PayDay® is running).

  • Advanced Pay Setup information will now display on the Employee Masterfile Report.

  • Renamed Employer Periodic Superannuation SG Contributions Report to Employer Periodic SG Contributions (1 Page Per Fund).

  • Renamed Superannuation SG YTD Employee Balances Report to SG YTD Employee Balances.

  • Renamed Superannuation SG YTD Monthly Summary Report to SG YTD Monthly Summary.

  • Report Title issue has been resolved for; 
    Employee Super Payments Summary (No Details) report
    e-Time™ Initial Swipe report
    e-Time™ Initial Swipe Report (1 Page per employee) report
    e-Time™ Time Card report
    e-Time™ Time Card Report (1 Page per employee) report
    Payment Summary (All) report
    Employer Periodic SG Contributions (Cheque) report

  • An alert will now display if the Date Hired is updated when a new employee has been added. This alert will allow the user to change the SG and Accruals Commencement Dates to match the Employment Start Date.

  • The following message will be printed on the Employer Periodic SG Contributions Super Report for any employee with $450.00 rule set in their award – If there are Posting Dates missing for any employees then the employee is linked to an award which has the $450.00 rule applicable.

  • Accrual Tracking Report has now been added to End-Of-Year > Step 2 – Print End-Of-Year Reports.

  • Payment Summaries have now been added to End-Of-Year > Step 2 – Print End-Of-Year Reports.

  • Payment Summary (Summary) has now been added to End-Of-Year > Step 2 – Print End-Of-Year Reports.

  • TFN Declaration has now been updated to show Full Time (or Salary / Commission).

  • The Edit button no longer disappears once clicked in Super Manager, Employees and Company windows.

  • Updated QuickSuper Specifications to V2.

  • When using SBR, Country can no longer be set to OTHER as all Country names are now available.

  • Warning now displays in Super Manager when Pay Super is clicked if the Current Pay Period has not been finalised.

  • Warning now displays in Super Manager when Pay Super is clicked if the current fund period has not ended.

  • If ‘&’ has been saved in either the Company Name or Trading Name, e-PayDay® will automatically convert to ‘and’ for the purpose of creating the Payment Summary file so no error will be received from SBR.

  • IMPORTTOOL.EXE has now been removed from all e-PayDay® Upgrade installations files as it is no longer required.

  • Various Help Icons have been updated to link to the correct location in the Online Guide, which is being re-written.

  • Transfer from Old Computer now includes the e-PayDay.lic file.

  • The AUSKey link in SBR has been updated.


Issues Resolved
  • e-Leave™ Scheduled Leave Reminder was not displaying during the pay run. The alert will now display 1 pay period before the scheduled event and also for the pay period of the event.

  • Employee Masterfile Report will now print the Termination Date (previously in American Date Format) and the Super Fund Name.

  • Once a Pay Type was changed, the item would no longer display on the Payroll Summary.

  • Being unable to minimise the Employee List window.

  • Reminder to Lodge TFN Dec was not displaying. This reminder will now display each time e-PayDay® is opened.

  • Report Selection Criteria (Specific Date Range) for SG Contributions Statement (e-mail) was previously displaying an error.

  • Report Selection Criteria (Selected Employee/s) for SG Contributions Statement (e-mail) was previously not displaying the Employee Selection Window.

  • Prompt to enter the Period (1 – 13) for the ProfitPak GL Interface export is now displaying.

  • Run Time Error 384 was displaying when the Reports window was maximised and Selected Employee/s was chosen from the Reports Selection Criteria.

  • The Employee Listing (Salary) Report was not using the Sort Criteria when set, however no error message was displaying.

  • The SG Contribution Statement Report was not retrieving the correct information when the Sort Criteria was set to Selected Employee/s.

  • Under some circumstances, the Toggle All button within Reports and Configure would not select or unselect all Reports.

  • Spelling error within the SAFF file was resolved.

  • If Reports was clicked on the Side Bar with the Pay Run List Window open, focus would not be returned to the Pay Run List Window after the Reports Window was closed.

  • The Copy Company Information function was transposing address information for some users.

  • An error was displayed when trying to save User Defined Values in e-Personnel™.

  • Within File and End-Of-Year > STEP 8 – Install Latest Version now links to the correct website to download the latest upgrades.

  • The New button within User Access was unavailable when this window was first opened. The New icon did not become available until this window was refreshed.

  • The FAST-Bank™ Short File Name has now been updated as some users were encountering issues when uploading their .ABA file.


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