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Version 4.23
Released 22/10/2012
  • Added report ‘Pre-printed Cheques (2 Cheques per page 183 × 140mm)’.

  • Updated e-PayDay Pty Ltd contact details.


Issues Resolved
  • e-Time Basic™ BETA report error message when running report.

  • Fixed 4.22 error caused by missing control reference during application compile.

  • Resolved issue when scrolling to the bottom of the Deductions during a pay run which caused a system error.



Version 4.22
Released 05/10/2012
  • References to e-PayDay Pty Ltd email address now set to the new email address.



Issue Resolved
  • Under certain conditions the paying Super did not record the transaction.

  • Resync past pays with the ‘Sage Line 50: GL Interface’ export would cause a system error.

  • When creating a new employee the incorrect tab is was set by default.

Version 4.21
Released 07/09/2012
Issues Resolved
  • When reversing a pay run erroneous data is created in the Banking table.

  • When running the FAST-Bank™ report totals may be incorrect.

  • Saving changes to a Terminated employee would cause the window to freeze.

  • Update the FAST-Bank™ file to use additional information for self balancing record.


Version 4.20
Released 01/09/2012
  • Added ‘Expected Payment Date (SG Payment Date)’ field to the Super Fund Window.

  • Added SG Payment Date to the Payslips and Pay Advice reports.


Issues Resolved
  • e-Time Basic™ BETA no longer doubles up the time Qty when posting to a pay run.

  • e-Time Basic™ BETA now allows the copy and pasting of cell data.

  • TIL Balances were not showing on Payslips even if option was set.

  • Removed warning message associated with CDEP amounts.

  • Fixed errors when editing and saving e-Port™ options.

  • Exporting Locations via e-Port™ works correctly.


Version 4.10
Release Date 19/07/2012
  • Now have the ability to save the last used file path as the default when processing a backup or restore.


  • Added ‘Employee Termination’ sub-menu item under both the ‘Payment Summary’ menus.

  • References to ‘Sick Leave’ in the Award window has been updated to read ‘Personal Leave’.

  • If running a EPFP, EP10, or EPSC then the last used company will automatically be opened when starting e-PayDay®.


Issues Resolved
  • Schedule database not being converted correctly.

  • In the ‘Pay run’ window the ‘Payrates Total Qty’ field was too small.

  • When editing and Award or Employee a message would appear with incorrect information about shift times.

  • A Pay Type with no ‘Paid By’ or ‘Deducted By’ would cause a system error.

  • Error message being displayed about having to ‘Start New Financial Year’ on the 2nd pay of the new financial year.


Version 4.01
Release Date 06/07/2012
  • Employee limits changed to; SC – 150, MC – 500 per Company, UC – 1000 per Company.


Issues Resolved
  • Disabled the ability to edit the Employee Superannuation Payment History amounts.

  • Processing the FAST-Pay™ file for more than 150 employees resulted in text errors on FAST-Pay™ window.

  • Corrected SQL error in e-Time Basic™ BETA Extension.


Version 4.00
Release Date 01/07/2012 (Available from 25/06/2012)
  • FYE 2012 Taxation Changes.

  • Includes e-Time Basic™ BETA.

  • Added functionality for movable splitter bar on all list windows (Employee List, Awards List, Pay Types List etc.).

  • Edit buttons added to Pay Run window beside Employee Name and Award.

  • Option now available to preset the default Company to open automatically when starting e-PayDay.

  • Option now available to set the number of Companies made available on the Last Opened list on the Main Window.

  • Function added to allow the resetting of the Practice data to the original installed data.


  • Background colour for Days changed on the new Calendar control for easier readability.

  • Added warning message to Date Of Birth (DOB) field in Employee Window if the employee is 10 years old or less.

  • Minor cosmetic changes and correction of spelling mistakes to various windows, menus and Pay Advisor messages.


Issues Resolved
  • Fixed system error when paying employee with ‘Rules – User Specified Period’ set in the Awards.

  • Fixed rounding error with Round Net Pays setting (to the nearest whole Dollar if pay is Taxed) in the Company Pay Run settings.

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