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You've run the EOFY race and crossed the finish line so start your journey to Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 now!

Here are some helpful links to assist you when commencing your 2024 Payroll Marathon!

2023-24 Employer Super Guarantee increase

The 2023 Budget confirmed that the mandatory Employer Superannuation Guarantee increases to 11.00% from 1 July 2023.

Graduates Holding Diplomas
2023-24 Study and Training Support Loans

The Government has announced that Study and Training Support Loan Rates and Thresholds have been increased for FYE 30 June 2024.

Single Touch Payroll Phase 2, sign up free.
e-PayDay Go pre Commercial Release (STP Phase 2) is now available.

We continue working diligently on our new Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 Cloud Solution which is now available. Start today, sign up now!

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