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Superannuation, why is it important that e-PayDay is kept up-to-date?

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

What is Super Manager?

Super Manager tracks all of your Superannuation Contributions, whether they are mandatory Employer (9.50%) or optional Employee (before or after-tax) contributions.

Why does it matter?

In simple terms, it is your legal obligation as an Employer. Fairwork Australia has outlined what information is mandatory on the Employees payslip, which must be provided either physically or electronically within 1 working day of the Employee receiving payment.

Keeping Super Manager up to date ensures that the mandatory information is displayed on the Employees Pay Slip every pay period and is included as part of your mandatory Single Touch Payroll reporting.

So...what's next?

  1. Gather Employment Records Locate the Employees physical Employment records, including their TFN Declaration and Superannuation Choice forms (or similar depending our your business requirements).

  2. Confirm all Employees are set up correctly Is the Employee linked to the correct fund in e-PayDay? Does their setup match the paperwork they returned?

  3. Correct any issues Add any new Super Funds that are required, Update existing Super Fund details, Reassign Employees to the correct Superannuation Funds and update Employee records as required.

  4. Decide what's best for your business How do you currently pay your Superannuation obligations and are you already SuperStream compliant? We recommend contacting all Superannuation Funds you currently contribute to and considering our own,e-PayDay SuperStream Gateway to find the best solution for you.

  5. Implementation Depending on the Superannuation Fund, Clearing House or Gateway provider you select, we have a complete getting started guide for SuperStream.

The e-PayDay SuperStream Gateway is available to all e-PayDay clients as a monthly (or annual) subscription based on your current e-PayDay Subscription. To learn more, please visit SuperStream or call us on 07 3049 1860.


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