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SuperStream Compliance and your responsibility as an Employer.

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Did you know all businesses should now be SuperStream compliant?

To be SuperStream compliant you need to send employee information and pay super electronically. If you're already doing this, there is nothing more you need to do! If you don't already send employee information and pay super electronically, you need to make changes now to find the solution that best suits your business's needs.

How do I become SuperStream Compliant?

  1. Choose a Payroll System that meets the SuperStream standard. For complete peace of mind, all e-PayDay Products are SuperStream Compliant and have been since April 2015.

  2. Choose a Super Fund, Clearing House or Gateway to submit your information to. All our e-PayDay Products allow you to create the SuperStream Alternative File Format (SAFF) which can be uploaded to any Superannuation Fund, Clearing House or Gateway of your choice. We also offer our own Gateway solution which is completely supported by our team.

  3. Collect information and update your records. Depending on the provider you have chosen, information will need to be entered into both the Company and Super Manager sections in your e-PayDay product.

  4. Submit your SuperStream information at the end of each Superannuation period.

For more information, contact our Sales and Administration Team on 07 3049 1860.


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