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Version 01.12
Released 15/06/2011
  • Minor cosmetic changes to various windows and corrections of spelling mistakes.


Issues Resolved
  • The ‘Start ECI’ button would not always go to the correct location once the path was saved.

  • The Company ABN was not printing on certain reports.

Version 01.11
Released 10/06/2011
  • Updated the Payroll Analysis Total Monthly, Weekly and Yearly report to report by Selected Employee/s.

  • Minor cosmetic changes to various windows.


Issues Resolved
  • The ‘Electronic File for Super Fund’ exports all the super payments for all employees, when super is paid.

  • Updated the Super column in the Allowances grid to match the Payrates grid during a pay run.

  • Updated the Cost Centre reports to correctly handle specific Cost Centre selection(s).

  • Pay Advice Slips (2 Up) report was not showing accrual balances.

  • Updated some of the Payroll Analysis reports to not show ‘#’ characters if the data would not fit in a field.


Version 01.10
Released 01/06/2011
  • Latest updates are available via the Web from the ‘Help’->‘Product Updates on the Web’ menu.


  • The import tool no longer imports password data.

  • Fixed the location of the phone and fax fields in the Superannuation Fund Window.


Issues Resolved
  • Updated the ‘Pay Advice Summary’ report to show details correctly.

  • When doing a Early Termination Payment a system error may occur.


Version 01.09
Released 23/05/2011
  • The LiveUpdate application has been enhanced.


Issues Resolved
  • Updated the ‘Kitten’ export to export ALL the pay run data.

  • Updated the Employee List Window to sort correctly.


Version 01.08
Released 17/05/2011
  • Updated the Pay Slips and Pay Advice reports to use the Full Company name instead of the Trading Name.


Issues Resolved
  • Updated Award and Pay Run to correctly take out SG set as a dollar amount per pay.

  • Widened the ‘Gross Pay & Total Tax’ report columns so data is not truncated.

  • When selecting reports in ‘Pay Advices’ from the pay run, all employees would be previewed/printed.

  • Previewing or Printing the ‘Pay Disbursement’ reports may result in a system error.


Version 01.07
Released 09/05/2011
Issues Resolved
  • Updated Pay Advice Summary report to show figures with two decimal places not four.

  • When running Cost Centre reports and selecting a specific Cost Centre other ‘empty’ data was displayed.

  • When Phoenix export was selected, it could not be saved and a warning message was shown.

  • If an employee was not set to a State Award, and error would message would display when composing their payslip.


Version 01.06
Released 03/05/2011
Issues Resolved
  • Could delete locations that were in use elsewhere.

  • Could rename locations after they were initially created.

  • Changed the ‘Location’ Report to allow for larger dollar amounts.

  • Fixed various issues with some of the Superannuation related reports.

  • Replaced the Suburb data with the Correct Pay Location data in the Employee List.

  • If paying Annual Leave for two or more weeks, the next time a payslip is composed no warning was given about previous paid leave.


Version 01.05
Released 20/04/2011
  • CoStar export format updated as per request.


Issues Resolved
  • Tax was not calculated correctly with the ‘Term A/L After 19/9/93’ termination paytype.

  • When editing a CoStar export, the ‘Account’ details field was to small.

  • Clicking the ‘BIZZ WIZZ Settings’ button in e-Port resulted in a system error.

  • Issue with payslips being e-Mailed to employees.

  • ‘Pay Advice Summary’ report may display ‘#’ characters if the data will not fit in a field.


Version 01.04
Released 15/04/2011
  • e-PayDay FREEPAY® 45 Day Trial extended to 90 days.


Issues Resolved
  • Selecting the FAST-Bank™ report from the main menu would result in an empty report.

  • Generating the FAST-Bank™ file could cause a system error.

  • Pay Advice Slips (2 Up) report would start with an ‘empty’ payslip.


Version 01.03
Released 11/04/2011
Issues Resolved
  • e-Cost™ key value would clear after exiting the software.

  • During pay runs the Location drop down would lock out other options.

  • Setting up an employee banking details would not save the dollar / percentage amount.

  • If using a dollar amount for employee super, zero dollars was used.


Version 01.02
Released 04/04/2011 (Version 00.97 Release Candidate)
  • Checkbox in Password Window to allow for display of password characters.

  • Ability to save the last used username in the password Window.


  • Minor changes to the Schedule system.


Issues Resolved
  • When composing a Payslip a Super Calculation was causing a system error.

  • Employee Secondary Payment details were not being saved.

  • Updated how the passwords were saved.

  • Changed the system to stop users having access to Companies when set in the password system.


Version 01.01
Released 15/03/2011 (Version 00.96 Release Candidate)
  • Added Paid Parental Leave function.


Version 01.00
Released 01/03/2011 (Version 00.94 Release Candidate)
  • Updated the Help menu item to link to this information on the e-PayDay help.

  • FAST-Bank™ : Added new option to pay by employee location.

  • Removed the Company Position number from the start of the FAST-Bank™.

  • Reports : Updated the Pay Disbursement, FAST-Bank™ report to include details about the Pay Locations.

  • Company Registration : Updated the company registration Window to sort the companies by company position.

  • Transfer Company Data : Added the Transfer directory as the default location.

  • The last 5 opened companies are now available from the “File” menu.

  • You can set an option to automatically open the last used company when starting the software.


Issues Resolved
  • Editing the ‘Amount’ value in the Pay Type can cause a system error.

  • When setup for a Sage-Pastel export. A system error could occur during a pay run.

  • When creating a new company, a system error would occur when editing an Award.

  • The messages details which appear for some of the company fields have been updated to be more accurate.

  • When reinstating an employee, data in the Employee Super table were not being copied. This would lead to an error message in the pay run.

  • Fixed the internal error when using the Import function.

  • When printing or previewing a report from the Pay Run Window an error message will appear. This have been resolved.

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