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Series 16
V16.30 - Designed for the Financial Year Ending 30/06/2017
Released 13 June 2017
  • Schedule 5 – Tax table for back payments, commissions, bonuses and similar payments.

  • Working Holiday Maker (WHM) Payment Summary (Individual non-business).

  • Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) Rates and Threshold changes.

  • Copy Company is now available to Trial users.

  • Duplicate Company is now available to Trial users.

  • Superannuation has now been added to the Payroll Tax Report.

  • Updated to the Latest Version (V12.00) of PSAR (Payment Summary Annual Report) for EOFY Reporting.

  • Updated the e-PayDay SBR Client Deployment Package to check for the Taxonomies folder. If the folder exists, the client can bypass the archive extraction.

  • e-PayDay Trial has now been reduced to 14 days.

  • e-PayDay FREEPAY will automatically convert to e-PayDay Trial once your third employee is added.



  • Report - Centrelink - Employee Information. Some text in Section B was being truncated.

  • Report - BAS Sample - Monthly has been removed.

  • Report - BAS Sample - Quarterly has been removed.

  • Removed information from the Client.INI which is no longer required.

  • The Accrual Calculator alert has been updated.

  • Updated EOFY under the File Menu to now read End of Financial Year.

  • Updated a number of links in the program to our new Payroll Help Centre.

  • The Specific period of employment and Specific Age alerts have been updated to be easier to read.


Issues Resolved
  • Report - Individual Non-Business Payment Summary was being truncated and the user could not sign underneath.

  • User Account passwords are now limited to 10 characters.

  • You can now view the list of employees whose data is contained in the PSAR file via the FAST-Tax™ Wizard.

  • Job Title is now a mandatory field in the New Employee Wizard.

  • An Internal Error would display if Invalid Characters were successfully entered in Pay Location/Department.

  • Back-Up File would halt during restoration on a PC that had previously had e-PayDay installed

  • Updated the Allowance YTD Summary report as it would not collate all required information.

  • An alert would display if any windows in e-PayDay were open when trying to finalise a pay run and would force the program to close.

  • Not all outstanding Super Contributions were displaying when Year To Date was selected for Superannuation Reports.

  • When using FAST-Pay, an error would display due to the large number of public holidays trying to be loaded into the pay run.

  • An error would display when restoring a backup from a UNC or Mapped Network Drive.


V16.20 - Released 23 December 2016 (Effective from 1 January 2017)
  • Working Holiday Maker Tax changes from 1 January 2017.

  • Payroll Tax (BETA)

  • The Practice Company has now been updated to Financial Year ending 30 June 2017.

  • Added 'Print Reports' option to the Reports drop-down menu.

  • Added 'All Birthdays' and 'Birthday Not Available' in the Report Period for the Employee Birthday List Report.

  • Employee Job Title now allows up to 30 Characters.

  • New Reports

    • Payroll Analysis - Landscape Report

    • Reference Report - All

    • Reference Report - Employee

    • Reference Report - Pay Run



  • A number of grammatical and spelling errors have been corrected.

  • Employee Masterfile Report now correctly refers to Personal Leave (Instead of Sick Leave).

  • Removed Employer Periodic Superannuation Contributions (Cheque) Report as it is no longer required.

  • Removed 'Deposit Disbursements - Selected Bank Name/s' and 'Deposit Disbursements - Grouped by Bank Name' as they are no longer required.

  • You are now unable to finalize pay runs after 1st August if you are not running the correct version for that financial year.

  • The Period Start Date for the Default Fund in new Company creations will now populate with 01/07/20XX.

  • Removed information from the Client.INI for new installations which is no longer required.

  • Available Database Feilds in Import (e-Port) have been sorted in alphabetical order.

  • An Import Specification can be saved in Import (e-Port) without selecting an Import File.

  • A number of warnings have been altered to be more descriptive when submitting an incomplete TFN Declaration.

  • Removed a number of Log Files that are no longer required.

Issues Resolved
  • Removed options from Utilities Drop Down Menu (Log Files and Support Fles) as they are no longer used.

  • Importing Employees in e-Port would not create the EmpSuper Record.

  • Report Period - Current Pay Period is now a valid response for batch reporting.

  • Search and Replace in Superannuation was not functioning correctly.

  • Adding a new Employee through NEW would display an error when assigning the employee to a Superannuation Fund.

  • Updated all links to the new Online Guide in the Installer/s.

  • Updated all links to the new Online Guide in e-PayDay.

  • When Super File Format is set to you No Fund, a Receipt number can be now entered.

  • Removed 'All Employees' option in Report Period for the Employee Birthday List Report.

  • An internal Error would display when the Employee BarCode/s (Employee Clock Id) Report was previewed or printed.

  • A White box would appear in Company - Banking next to Payment Method until the window was closed.

  • SG Start date was not pre-filling when an employee is added using the Employee Wizard.

  • Copy a Company would allow you to exceed the Company Limit.

  • Duplicate a Company would allow you to exceed the Company Limit.

  • An error would display if an employee was linked to the default fund which had no period start date.

  • Sort Criteria was not being kept when used in Batch Reporting.

  • Import (e-Port) would display an error that the number of fields did not match the import parameters.

V16.10 - Released 30 September 2016 (Effective from 1 October 2016)
  • A number of Tax Tables have been updated to apply from 1 October 2016.

  • For users who do not need to create a SuperStream File, No Fund has been added to Super Manager Menu.

  • New Report : Pre-printed Cheques (ANZ July 2016 Format) (V16.02).

  • Pay Slips can now be printed by a specific date range instead of individually by pay period.



  • Changed Add to New where required.

  • Report Selection Criteria is now available for all Reports in Pay Run Reports (V16.02).

  • New Employee Wizard has been resized to display all text.

  • Payment Details/Notes in Payment History (Super Manager) has been resized to display all text.

  • Updated the Link to e-PayDay SuperStream Gateway.

  • e-PayDay Trial can now be installed over e-PayDay FREEPAY.

  • Taxscales.MDB is no longer included in the Transfer to New Computer Backup.

  • Updated the Awards and Agreement Examples when adding a new Company.

Issues Resolved
  • Due to a number of reported issues with the SunSuper, Care Super, Australian and HOST Plus files not being in a suitable format for SuperStream, they have now been removed.

  • Super Rules were not functioning as required when multiple rules were set.

  • Report Selection Criteria has now been reinstated for Employee Hours Summary in Pay Run Reports (V16.02).

  • Report Selection Criteria in Pay Run Reports now defaults to All Employees (V16.02).

  • Pay Runs can now be finalised after the licence expires IF the Pay Run dates are equal to or before the Licence Expiry.

  • Although e-PayDay 15 Desktop allows 2 Companies, Copy Company and Duplicate Company were not functioning.

  • Employee Superannuation Personal Contributions Details are now able to be added.

  • When transferring an Employee to a new Super Fund, an Internal Error would display once the + icon was clicked.

  • Employees can no longer be transferred between Super Funds if the Period Start Dates are different.

  • An Estimated Accrual Balance of over 1,000 hours would not transfer correctly when saving from the Accrual Calculator.

  • Check Employee Accrual Balances against Transactions in Health Check was comparing the Long Service incorrectly.

  • If the Payee Type is set to Sole Trader (Individual), a percentage for Tax is no longer required (V16.02).

  • An SBR file is no longer able to be created if a Sole Trader (Individual) is missing the ABN.

  • Date Hired and Termination Date for an Employee can not be the same as EOFY data is unable to be sent to the ATO

V16.01 – Released 28 June 2016
Issues Resolved
  • Changed the Version date from 27 June 2016 to 1 July 2016 to resolve You are currently using e-PayDay® Version 16.00 designed for the Financial year ending 2016 message.


V16.00 – Released 27 June 2016
Designed for the Financial Year Ending 2017
  • All Reports now default to Active Employees in Report Selection Criteria.

  • HELP and SFSS have been updated for Financial Year Ending 30 June 2017.


  • e-PayDay UC Desktop has now been renamed to e-PayDay 1500 Desktop, allowing up to 100 Companies with up to 1500 Employees per Company.

  • As e-PayDay 15 Desktop now allows 2 Companies, Copy Company and Duplicate Company are now available from the File Menu.

  • Pay Advice Slips (Pre-Printed 2 Part – Letter 210 x x279mm) (Forms Express 04-350) have been removed.

  • Users are no longer prompted to reboot their Computer after installation.

  • Updated a number of links to the Online Guide within e-PayDay® as the Online Guide has new documentation has been completed.

  • Minor cosmetic change in Tax Tables

  • The Software Licence Agreement has now been updated to load from a text document rather than a URL.

  • Support Contract Number has now been updated to Software Client Number.

  • The Branch Code in SBR is compulsory, however, if it is not entered by the user, e-PayDay® will populate the field with 001.

  • Once a Company is created, the Pay Run Navigator will be the first loaded when it is opened.

  • If an Employee is not linked to any e-Cost Cost Centres, the alert will only display if Basic or Advanced Pay setup is edited.

  • Transfer to New Computer now contains all .LIC Files

  • If e-Cost is no longer active in e-PayDay, the reminder alert will now only display ONCE before commencing the Pay Day.


Issues Resolved
  • A number of clients who have been using e-PayDay for 15+ years reported that the Annual Leave, Long Service Leave, Personal Leave and Personal Leave with Date Hired reports would not generate and an error would display.

  • User (Custom Level) is not displaying in User Access.

  • You are no longer prompted to upload your SuperStream File once the Superannuation Funds have been marked as paid.

  • The Superannuation Fund Name field no longer allows illegal characters (an illegal character is anything other than a to z)

  • Employees can no longer be reinstated if it will push the user of the employee limit for their product.

  • Employees can no longer be reactivated if it will push the user of the employee limit for their product.

  • Superannuation Funds can only be marked as inactive if they are linked to a Terminated Employee and the Super Fund has been marked as paid (no outstanding contributions).

  • Users are no longer prompted to upload their SuperStream File after marking the Superannuation Funds as Paid.

  • Awards or Agreements can only be marked as inactive if they are linked to an Terminated Employee.

  • The e-PayDay Support Dashboard was not being updated with the correct Software Client Number (SCN) or Licence Information if the Software Serial number was updated.

  • As edited data was being deleted, updated Only import new Times? to Only Import times for EMPTY lines? in e-Time™.

  • If the e-Cost reminder is turned off, it is now able to be turned back on in Company Preferences.


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