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Version 9.02 - Released 24 June 2014
Issues Resolved
  • When creating a new Award could not save a database error would appear.

  • If there was an invalid character in an employees First Name or Surname. There was no specific error message, which detailed the employee and which field was in error.

  • Fixed line being displayed on FAST-Tax™ SBR Wizard (Amendment TAB).

  • Changed ‘Payrun’ to ‘Pay Run’ in e-Time™ Window.


Version 9.01
Released 17 June 2014
  • Added ‘Award’ column in Company Defaults Window in Award List.

  • Added ‘Award’ to column headers on Award List in Employee > Employment Tab.

  • The user can now cancel the End-Of-Year Archive operation.


  • The End-Of-Year Backup process is the same in the Navigator form as with the End-Of-Year menu.

  • Updated the ATO Legal text, which now includes details regarding SBR.

  • Change Company Employee Defaults Window name from ‘New Employee Default Values’ to ‘New Employee Default Settings’.

  • Updated SBR so the that the ‘Tax Agent Number’ is no longer mandatory.

  • Tax average warning needs to be changed.

  • Changed Company Employee Defaults Window name from ‘New Employee Default Values’ to ‘New Employee Default Settings’.


Issues Resolved
  • Fixed width of Icon Menu Bar in Pay Run List Window.

  • Fix Edit Icon in Deduction Payee Window and put the name of Payee in Title Bar of Window.

  • Changed 1 icon on Company Window (Employee Default Settings).

  • Changed 3 icons on Company Employee Defaults Window (Employee Default Settings).

  • Updated Address in HELP, ABOUT to PO BOX 500, REDCLIFFE QLD 4020,

  • Fixed critical Error in the ‘Awards List’ Window when using the ‘Inactive’ tick box to filter Awards.

  • When adding a new Employee FBT the ‘Grossed-up’ figure was not being cleared and would only update when a ‘Taxable’ figure was entered.

  • Fixed issue when editing a Pay Type the ‘W1’, ‘Workplace Giving’ and ‘Report To ATO’ checkboxes would not show the same value as was saved when re-loading the Pay Type.

  • Fixed issue when editing a Deduction the Superannuation related options would not display correctly.

  • The ‘Shearing’, ‘Horticultural’ and ‘No TFN’ were not always taxing correctly. Updated the program to ensure they are work according to the % value.

  • Changed Awards List Window. Award and Classification column headers were the around the wrong way around.

  • Fixed Navigator issue with Pay Run – (back up would run twice).


Version 9.00
Released 1 June 2014
  • Initial release of full SuperStream functionality.

  • Added the ability to create a SuperStream Test File from Super Manager Window (initial code to create a SuperStream transitional CSV file).

  • Added ‘Reference’ and ‘A/C Type’ fields in the Company window inside the ‘Banking Information’ section. This is for the ‘Holding Accounts for Gross PAYG and SG’.

  • Ability to copy text from Pay Adviser.


  • Removed Backup from the Pay Run Navigator (as a rollback restore is automatically created every time a pay run is finalised.

  • Changed Add, Edit, Delete, Icons to be the same on e-Leave™, e-Cost™, Super Fund, and Employee Super Payments Windows.

  • Changed various icons on other windows the standardise common function icons between various windows.

  • Does not allow the ‘&’ to be used in any field when an SBR file is created. Found that the ‘&’ character is not accepted by SBR.

  • Where possible replace the ‘&’ character with ‘and’ so that existing data can still be used with SBR.

  • FAST-Bank™ file selection in the company form now uses the same ‘system’ as for creating a backup.

  • FAST-Bank™ text box in the company form can be edited manually by holding down the ‘Alt’ key and click.

  • When creating a FAST-Bank™ file if for some reason the file path is no longer valid the user is presented with the same system as with backing up.

  • Changed File > Company > Taxation Details to File > Company > Government.

  • Changed End-Of-Year Menu options and links.

  • Updated the links for the ‘Tax Tables’ in the Tax Scale window.

  • Updated the links for the ‘ATO Magnetic Media Forms’ Menu links on the Main menu.

  • Updated Address in Help > About menu.


Issues Resolved
  • Updated the code in regard to custom Company logos. They should now work with all functions of the reporting system including batches. Also updated the tool tips to show recommended logo graphic size (290 × 150 pixels).

  • Fixed issue with updated ‘Employee Period Superannuation SG Contributions’ report would generate an error if there were too many lines of information to report.

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