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V14.05 – Released 30 March 2016
  • Optional ‘Classic’ setting for Pay Run window when set displays the column and row lines in the grids. Similar look as Series 13 and below.

  • Added button enabling the ability to delete pay lines when clicking ? in the Pay Run window.

  • The item select window (Reports) is no longer a fixed height. It now dynamically resizes on loading using the number of items and the main window height. (V14.03)

  • Changed PayDay to Pay Day on the sidebar.

  • Changed EPUC to EP1500 and LIMIT to 100 Companies. Also changed product description to e-PayDay BE 1500 (MAXIMUM 1500 Employees, 100 Companies). (V14.03)

  • Changed the Pay Advisor message when the Pay Run dates have been changed to be more explanatory (in plain English) with descriptive choices.

  • Depreciated report, Pay Envelopes (Pre-Printed 3 Part – Letter 210 × 279mm) (Forms Express 04-351 or REDIFORM R297) no longer in production, designed for dot matrix printers. (V14.03)

Issues Resolved
  • Export.dat data is not loading into the e-Port window. This issue only affected users who attempted to make changes or perform a ‘Resync’ in e-Port although a normal pay run export file created correctly. (V14.01)

  • Added the ability to enter Extension keys manually when using e-PayDay Cloud products. (V14.02)

  • When the Date hired was changed, the alert was not advising to also update the Super Start Date. (V14.03)

  • You must close all open windows before the backup can proceed when the ‘Delete Old Financial Year window’ was open and e-PayDay® would not let you continue. (V14.03)

  • File > Pay Day > Health Check – corrected grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, ‘miss-matches’ changed to ‘mismatches’ and ‘inconsistances’ to ‘inconsistencies’. (V14.03)

  • If e-PayDay sees a SCN.LIC file, it will attempt to use this file (in the event where the file doesn’t rename). (V14.03)

  • Changed wording and removed phone number from Pay Advisor message displayed when an Extension is not active. (V14.03)

  • Run-time error 6 overflow in Reports when using the auto resizing Item Selection window. (V14.05)


V14.00 – Released 1 March 2016
  • e-Award™ Starter is included with every e-PayDay product.

  • e-Time™ Import Configuration can now be accessed from the File menu.

  • Detailed information about the Pay Type which is being used can now be viewed within the Employees Pay Envelope.

  • Leave Dates can now be viewed and adjusted within the Employees Pay Envelope.

  • e-Port files can now be saved to a different location to e-PayDay.

  • Load the e-PayDay SuperStream Gateway directly from e-PayDay.

  • Deductions can now be set up to automatically report to FBT, eliminating the need for manual entry.

  • EmpClock ID now allows ALPHA Numeric and Leading 0’s for importing times from other Time Devices.

  • The database conversion when upgrading to a new Version has been completely rewritten and is now up to 500% faster.


  • A list of employees who do not have clock in/out times will now be displayed once imported into e-Time.

  • An alert will be displayed if Employee Codes do not match what has been imported into e-Time.

  • The Software Licence Information Alert has been updated to provide more detailed information.

  • Minor cosmetic changes to FBT Window.

  • The installer has now been updated to ensure each user acknowledges the Subscription installation.

  • The Software Licence Agreement has now been moved to our main website, rather than only being available from within every e-PayDay Product.

  • On occasion, the alert to enter leave dates was showing the & symbol as _

  • Updated all Superannuation fields to be XX,XX% instead of XX.X%


Issues Resolved
  • Superannuation Funds can no longer be marked as inactive if they are linked to an Employee.

  • Pay Types can no longer be marked as inactive if they are linked to an Employee.

  • Superannuation Funds can be marked as paid without any contributions for the reporting period.

  • Superannuation Funds can be marked as paid outside of the previous 14 day cutoff.

  • The Report to Field in Pay Rates, Allowances and Deductions is now limited to 20 characters.

  • The Employee Transaction Report was not sorting surnames correctly – e.g. Byrnes was listed before Byrne.

  • If an Employee with YTD Balances was changed from PAYG to Sole Trader, certain fields only available to Sole Traders would not disappear.

  • If Pay Setup was Changed from Advanced to Basic, this change would not be saved unless a pay type was added or removed.

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