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Version 02.34
Released 06/03/2012
Issues Resolved
  • Fixed access to e-Cost™ reports with extension key.

  • Employee Listing Report now shows correct employee details.

  • Editing/Saving/Reporting Cost Centre breakdown figures for a payslips.

  • Fixed issue with restoring archives with UNC file paths.

  • Fixed issue where backups where not keeping the necessary database files.

  • Allowances are now being taxed correctly when re-loading an existing pay run.

  • Clearing of previous pay run Cost Centre figures for a new pay run.

  • Rounding issue with the display of accrual balances for employees.

  • When editing a ‘PAYG Labour Hire’ employee the HELP check box is now available.


Version 02.33
Released 18/01/2012
  • Additional FAST-Bank™ reports which do not show Location information.


  • Extra checks are performed when a Backup or Restore is performed added to validate that all of the databases have been correctly backed up.

  • Updated the Taxation section with the Employee Window with regards to non-Australian Residents.

  • Sorting the values in the Awards dropdown in the Employee Window now in ID order.

  • Updated the format and information in the e-Mailed payslips.


Issues Resolved
  • Editing/Updating the Employee Job Title in the Employee Window no longer causes an error.

  • e-Port™, MYOB export account number was not saving correctly.

  • On Anniversary Lump Sum accruals were not updating correctly.

  • Selecting Undo in the Pay Run List window caused the ‘customise’ tool to appear.

  • Paylines were being kept when moving to the next employee payslip.

  • FAST-Bank™ reports were not working correctly when Pay Period was selected.

  • FAST-Bank™ date were not being saved correctly after a pay has been set.

  • Corrected spelling mistake on Pay Adviser Superannuation Payment Check List Window.

  • No longer need to close down the program to use a newly registered e-PayDay FREEPAY® serial.

  • Fixed the Sort/Order controls in the Employees List window.

  • Leave values where not being saved correctly during a pay run.

  • Address Label reports were showing no or incorrect information.

  • The tab order for Location/State/Postcode controls are now in correct order.

  • Entering an empty value in the Tax field caused caused system error.


Version 02.32
Released 16/11/2011
  • Pay Envelopes can now be printed on a ’3 fold FN Z-310’ format, which is a secure Pay Envelope.

  • Added Employee Name to The Subject line when emailing Payslips.

  • Added Important Privacy Notice/Disclaimer to the bottom of the email body when sending Payslips by email.

  • Added to the message text, ‘If you are unable to view that attached file, please download the document before viewing.’ when emailing Pay Slips.

  • Changed wording of Long Service Leave text in the Awards Accruals section to provide for easier setup.

  • Updated some values in the Company FAST-Bank™ fields to reflect the correct terminology.

  • Cosmetic Changes to the Accruals section of the Employee and Award windows.

  • The Job Title field in Employee window wasn’t limited to 25 characters.

  • The Backup/Restore validation has been enhanced to check for correct archive data.


Issues Resolved
  • Pay Advice Slips (2 Up) report was not formatted correctly when there were 13 to 18 paylines.

  • When opening a Terminated Employee Payslip an System error would occur.

  • When the tax is adjusted manually, there are cases when the net amount is not updated and saved to reflect the correct amount.

  • The FAST-Bank™ file path may cause a system error if the path defaults to ‘~~’

  • The ‘Employee Termination List’ report would show ALL terminated employees not just Employees Terminated in the current financial year.

  • Added new reports which will display FAST-Bank™ details without location information.


Version 02.31
Released 21/10/2011
  • The Employee Code field in Employee Window wasn’t limited to 8 characters.


Issues Resolved
  • Variable Deductions payment totals were not calculating correctly for each employee when the Deduction was being used in a pay run.

  • Payslips being e-Mailed at the same time from two different companies, caused some payslips to be sent to the incorrect employees.

  • When processing a Lump Sum A payment, the Lump Sum A type was not being saved in the Employee Balances section.

  • The Super field in some of the Pay Advice Slips have been extended to show more text.

  • FAST-Pay™ function was allowing ‘Inactive’ Paytypes in the validation step which caused system errors in the Pay Run Window.

  • Fixed some of the Super reports which would not show data if the Employee Fund was changed.

  • Fixed issue with clipped calendar controls in the Pay Run List window.


Version 02.30
Released 14/10/2011
  • Added Shortcut Keys to the Pay Run Window (Pay Envelope).


  • The Extensions Window (previously Plug-In’s) has been updated to accommodate for additional Extensions currently under development.


Issues Resolved
  • Reinstated the functionality for manual input of Leave Dates when processing a pay run. The separate purchase of the e-Leave™ Extension is required to access Leave scheduling, history and reports.

  • Fixed Sage Pastel Export File as a result of Version 2.20 creating an empty export file.


Version 02.20
Released 05/10/2011
  • Added Sage Pastel General Ledger Export (BETA) functionality.

  • When using e-PayDay FREEPAY® a valid Software Serial Number (SSN) can now be easily entered by clicking the ‘Enter Software Serial Number… ‘ on the left hand toolbar on the main window.

  • In the Pay Run List Window, Pending pays also now have a unique colour.


  • Updated the Employee Location form to restrict access to specific fields depending on the pay run export type.

  • The Extensions Window (previously Plug-In’s form) has been updated to accommodate for Extensions that now may be purchased separately, e-Cost™ (Cost Centres) and e-Leave™ (Leave Scheduler).

  • Minor cosmetic changes to various windows and corrections of spelling mistakes.


Issue Resolved
  • The ‘Allowances’ report displays faster with large databases.

  • The ‘Deductions’ report displays faster with large databases.

  • The ‘Pay Rates’ report displays faster with large databases.

  • The e-Port™ Window was not automatically filling the required fields.

  • Fixed FAST-Pay™ file import errors.


Version 02.10
Released 26/08/2011
  • When first entering a pay run for an employee the first ‘Qty’ value is now selected.

  • The ‘Pay Run List’ grid scrolls through the employee list when processing one employee at a time.

  • When adding a new employee the relevant Superannuation details are automatically filled in as per the 16-bit version of e-PayDay®.

  • The Employee Hired information now shows when composing a Pay.

  • Additional Employee Birthday information now shows when composing a Pay.

  • The Total Payrates Qty amount now shows when composing a Pay.

  • The ‘Employee Birthday’ List report now shows the employees age as per the 16-bit version of e-PayDay®.

  • Minor cosmetic changes to various windows and corrections of spelling mistakes.

Issues Resolved
  • When composing a payslip, clicking the buttons at the top could cause a critical error when the pay-type dropdown was still ‘open’.

  • Inactive Super Funds can be allocated to an Employee, when they should not be shown in the list.

  • Updated The ‘Gross Pay & Total Tax Report’ to not show ‘#’ characters if the data would not fit in a field.

  • ‘Pay Location’ value is now kept when processing one or more pays, then exiting back to the Pay Run list.

  • ‘FREEPAY’ software would not finalise a pay with a valid software serial number.

  • A system error would occur during a pay run in the ‘PayRunSuperCalc’ procedure.

Version 02.02
Released 08/08/2011
  • The option to ‘Cancel’ is now available when the backup prompt is shown when closing e-PayDay® Business Edition™.

  • When sending emails via e-PayDay® Business Edition™, the ‘Cancel e-Mail(s)’ button stops sending ALL the remaining e-Mails in the queue.


  • Allow for 4 decimal places when editing the ‘Workcover %’ field in the Employee details.


Issue Resolved
  • Fixed the ‘ListPay Deposit Disbursements’ report to show the Company BSB correctly.

  • Changes made to Employee Superannuation Form to address issue of ‘Mirror Super’ message being displayed.

  • Certain operations in the ‘Multi Super’ form was overwriting ALL the employees superannuation values.

  • When editing Deductions in the Pay Type form the ‘Report To’ field may not save correctly.

  • Using a % of OTE Deduction was rounding the cents value.

  • The ‘Deduction Payee Contributions (Non-Super) (e-mail)’ report now creates and sends reports correctly.

  • The ‘SG Payee Statement (e-mail)’ report now creates and sends reports correctly.


Version 02.01
Released 22/07/2011
  • Allow for larger values when editing Employee FBT values.

  • Made border adjustments to the ‘Pay Advice Slips (Pre-Printed 2 Part – Letter 210 × 279mm) (Forms Express 04-350)’ report.

  • Made border adjustments to the ‘Pay Envelopes (Laser A4 – 210 × 297mm)’ report.

  • Updated the e-Port button in the Extensions section to open the e-Port form.

  • Allow for duplicate items in the Employee Pay Types, Allowances, Deductions and Cost Centre lists.

Issue Resolved
  • Fixed Pay Message length when composing Payslips which would cause a system error.

  • The ‘Employee Transactions’ report displays faster with large databases.

  • The ‘Payroll Analysis’ report displays faster with large databases.

  • The ‘Pay Rate’ report by Item report was missing in the initial software release.

  • When Paying Super an incorrect error message regards employee TFN’s was halting the process.

  • Updated the Super calculation in a pay run that was using 1/100 of the correct value for calculations.

  • Updated the ‘Pay Types’ form to allow correct editing of Paid Parental Leave.

  • Resync function in e-Port for ‘Phoenix’ would cause a system error.


Version 02.00
Released 01/07/2011
  • Added new tax scales to include flood levy, and flood levy exempt for the affected tables.


  • Added function to migrate the employee data from the old to the new database format.

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