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Version 3.06
Released 22/06/2012
Issues Resolved
  • Allow for international addresses when submitting the EMPDUPE file to the ATO.


Version 3.05a
Issues Resolved
  • Fixed FBT amounts (when applicable) not showing on PAYG payment summary – individual non-business Report.


Version 3.05
Released 15/06/2012
  • Password field in Company, User accounts now displays ‘dots’.

  • Moved and changed text on Password button to avoid confusion.

  • Pay run line must be completed before any other functions can be preformed thereby avoiding pay run errors.


Issues Resolved
  • Changed path to EMPDUPE.txt File.

Version 3.04
Released 06/06/2012
Issues Resolved
  • The ‘separator line’ was missing in the 2-Up Pay Advice Summary report.

  • Additional update to the save location of the EMPDUPE and other related files when processing multiple Companies.

  • Update of the Annual/Sick/Long Service reports.


Version 3.03
Released 01/06/2012
  • Minor cosmetic changes to the End-Of-Year related windows and menus.


Issues Resolved
  • End-Of-Year Survival Guide menu link has been updated to the new location.

  • Save location of the EMPDUPE file has been updated to remove double ‘\’ characters.

  • Internal error when calculating Personal Leave accrual during a pay run.

  • Replaced report ‘Pay Envelopes (Pre-Printed 3 Part – Letter 210 × 279mm) (Forms Express 04-351 or REDIFORM R297)’ which was not formatted correctly.


Version 3.02
Released 18/05/2012
Issues Resolved
  • Super reports reported by quarter was getting 4 months worth of data not 3.

  • FAST-Bank™ reports would not use the Pay Period to filter the report data.


Version 3.01
Released 09/05/2012
  • The Default focus is now set to the first data entry control in the Leave Date Pay Adviser message box.

  • The ability to clear the Location for an Employee has now been added.


Issues Resolved
  • Error message when running Pay Disbursement Report (FAST-Bank™, etc).

  • ‘Gross Pay & Total Tax’ Report was showing all Pay Period data when ‘Weekly’ Pay Period selected.

  • Reports using a ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates was causing a system error.

  • Using locations with the ‘ character with reports causing a system error.

  • Incorrect printers were being used to preview reports. The default system printer is now used instead.

  • Fixed the known issue editing the ‘Pay Type Location’ in the Pay Types window.

  • Removed lines from ‘the Pay Advice Summary’ report which have zero values.

  • When running any Periodic Super reports, the next fund period information was showing on the report.

  • Using % values with cost centres was causing a system error.


Version 3.00
Released 12/04/2012
  • Payroll Navigator.

  • Ability to FAST-Bank™ to SG and PAYG Company holding accounts.

  • Ability to add custom logo to reports, this is set in the Company Window.

  • Help button added to some windows, this will link to a relevant online web page.

  • Payment Summaries can now be emailed.

  • Ability to include pay message in emails.

  • When the program is first started a ‘Quick Start’ window will display.

  • Ability the Hide/Partially Hide/Show banking details on payslips.

  • Updated the ‘Employee Periodic Superannuation SG Contributions’ report to show each fund information on a separate page.

  • The Superannuation Field can now be edited in the Pay Run Window.


Issues Resolved
  • Fixed 2up Pay Advice Slip where Accruals are not printing on all Payslips when the option has been set to print.

  • Address Control tab order fixed.

  • Fixed super reports to show correct employee details.

  • Updated date control on the following forms; frmPayRunList, frmEmployee, frmWizTFNDec, frmWizReinstate, frmSuperFund, frmReminderNotes, frmEmployeeTFNDec, frnEmployeeSuperPayments, frmEmployeeFBT, frmEmployeeDeduction, frmEmployee, frmeLeave, frmDeductionPayee, frmCompany.

  • Saved the sort/order settings in the Super Fund List Window.

  • ATO EMPDUPE files were not being created at the user selected file path.

  • When reinstating an employee the new EmpCode will start with NEW instead of new.

  • Changing the ‘Receipt’ checkbox did not enable the save button.

  • Clicking on the ‘Report By’ on the Reports will be re-load the selection list.

  • Fixed CDEP csv export file creation error.

  • Updated labels on the Pay Run List Window.

  • Replaced PayRunLeaveDates window with PayAdviser window.

  • Password field was allowing more than 10 characters, but only saving the first 10 characters.

  • FAST-Bank™ period selections were unavailable or incorrect.

  • Accruals spelling in the Employee Window.

  • Fixed Payee Type control in the Employee Window.

  • Renamed ‘All’ button on the Pay Run list Window to ‘All/Batch’.

  • Updated text above the Fast-Bank file path on the Company window to explain the ‘Browse …’ button needs to be clicked to change the file path.

  • Updated code with Fast-Bank file paths, if an invalid file path will default to the root drive ‘C:\FASTBANK’.

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