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11.60 – Released 29 January 2015
  • Now able to resend failed emailed Pay Slips.

  • Added ‘Go to Folder’ in the Company Menu on the Main window.

  • New option for short file name in FAST-Bank™ wizard.

  • New A4 Payslip that has the Company and Trading Name to A4 Payslip – Pay Advice Slips (1 Up) (Plain Paper A4 – Trading Name).

  • Days control in the Award window now allows for 2 decimal places.

  • New options added allowing for Leave Balances to be shown on the Pay Advice Slip for Salaried Employees.

  • Added option for Pay Run window to show the maximum number of Pay Rates when processing a pay run.

  • Added View/Print to Pay Adviser window.

  • Functionality added allowing for the editing of an Archived Company via password control. A backup is automatically created before the Archive Year is edited.

  • New Termination Wizard options.
    1. Reinstate (Remove Termination Date)
    2. Duplicate Employee (Add again, no historical data)
    3. Returning to Work (Add again, only Accrual Balances)
    4. Returning to Work (delete Holidays Paid To)

  • e-Cost™ now warns if a new Employee is added without Cost Centres if there is one or more existing employees with Cost Centres. Also a warning is now displayed if the e-Cost™ Extension Key is missing and Cost Centres have been previously used in a Pay Run.

  • Deduction Payee Window > Changed Button text from ‘Multi Select’ to ‘Select All’.

  • Changed message content when date changed in Pay Run window. Change to sentences, remove ‘s.

  • Changed ‘Payrates’ to ‘Pay Rates’ in the Column heading on the Grid in the Pay Run Window. Also changed ‘Payrates Total QTY’ to ‘Pay Rates Total QTY’.

  • Changed Column # from ‘0’ to ‘1’ on e-Time Import File Settings window > Source Text Format.

  • Updated Pay Adviser header for checking ‘PayTotals, Paylines’, and ‘YTD Balances’ to include ‘Correct’ or ‘Incorrect’. Also changed the Pay Adviser icon to be either message or warning.


Issues Resolved
  • e-PayDay® is no longer required to be run in Administrator mode.

  • Resolved issue when creating FAST-Bank™ File : if you change the default File name, the file is not created BUT e-PayDay® reports the file has been saved.

  • Fixed issue with employees birthday, the Current Age was being displayed as XX Years 12 Months 0 Days not XX Years 0 Months 0 Days.

  • Removed ATO Warning message window and replaced with Pay Advisor.

  • Resolved issue with Reinstate Wizard – Employee Add Again, with Accruals – email address was not copied to the new record. Also Banking, Contacts, Employee Leave, FBT, ETP, Termination Warnings, TFN Declarations, Variable Deductions are now copied to the new record.

  • The ‘Display Alternate Name ?’ option in the Company, Options section was not being saved correctly.

  • Sometimes dates were not rolling over to the next period when a Pay Run was finalised.

  • Changed the Registered Symbol with the Trademark Symbol where required.

  • Deduction Payee > Payment Period was not functioning correctly.

  • Current Age Is : (in Employee window) was no longer displaying the age.

  • Employee Master File Report – When Report Selection criteria is set to ACTIVE Employees Terminated Employees are no longer printing.

  • Renamed HECS to HELP, Employee Taxation Tab, and printing on the Pay Slip.

  • Depreciated – Options > Automatically load this Company? (not working correctly). It will no longer be required V12+ as it will be compulsory to setup a User account. Advanced ‘load Company’ functionality is included in the User Account setup.

  • The new Serial description value was too long for both the Main window and some reports. Replaced ‘Business Edition™’, with ‘BE™’.

  • Changed error message for Employee FAST-Bank™ warning when processing pays to display message ʺAccount Details Not Setupʺ.


V11.50 - Released 27 October 2014
  • All Desktop Products changed to New Subscription Versions – Yearly Renewal.

  • Also increased Employee and/or Company Limits.

  • EP20-BE changed to EP50-SU- and changed description to e-PayDay® 50 Subscription

    • e-PayDay® 50 Business Edition™ Subscription

      1. Increased Employee limit from 20 to 50 Employees.

      2. Now up to 3 Companies, previously allowed 2 Companies.

      3. UNLIMITED Terminated Employees – No change.

      4. Now includes UNLIMITED 12 Months Support and Upgrades.

  • EPSC-BE changed to EPSC-SU- and changed description from Single Company to Small Company Subscription

    • e-PayDay® SC Business Edition™ Subscription

      1. Increased from 200 Employees to 250 Employees.

      2. Now up to 25 Companies. Previously allowed 2 Companies.

      3. UNLIMITED Terminated Employees – No change

      4. Now includes UNLIMITED 12 Months Support and Upgrades.

  • EPMC-BE changed to EPMC-SU and changed description from Multiple Company to Medium Company Subscription

    • e-PayDay® MC Business Edition™ Subscription

      1. Now up to 50 Companies. Previously allowed 5 Companies.

      2. Maximum 750 Employees per Company. – No change.

      3. UNLIMITED Terminated Employees – No change.

      4. Now includes UNLIMITED 12 Months Support and Upgrades.

  • EPUC-BE changed to EPUS-SU – UNLIMITED Company Subscription

    • e-PayDay® UC Business Edition™ Subscription

      1. Up to 1500 Employees per Company – No change.

      2. UNLIMITED Employees per Company – No change.

      3. UNLIMITED Terminated Employees – No change.

      4. Now includes UNLIMITED 12 Months Support and Upgrades.


V11.10 - Released 20/10/2014
  • Added ‘Known as’ (nickname) field to employees details – useful for foreign employees. (now called Alternate name). Also new option in Company Settings window, Display Alternate Name (to be used for Employee List window and Pay Run List window).

  • Added File Save dialog box to FAST-Bank™ wizard to support long file names for easy identification of multiple company files in the one folder. New FAST-Bank™ File default name spec is BANK NAME + ʺ – ʺ + Company Name + ʺ – Payment date is ʺ + PAYMENTDATE. e.g. CBA – e-PayDay Pty Ltd – Payment date is 27 November 2014.

  • Awards list in Employee window grid now displays the Awards sorted using the settings that have be set on the Awards window.

  • Payroll Summary report is now available in PayDay > Reports.

  • A Warning message is now displayed when in Super Manager > Select All > – if Super Funds selected have different Period Start Dates.

  • Added new Report Period Selection option – Last Month.


  • ALL Payment list grids (Super Manager, Deduction Payee etc) are now in descending order, with the most recent payment at the top of the list.

  • When settings are changed in Company > Preferences > Pay Slip Print Options, current payslips are automatically updated payslips. This only affects pays that are marked as Current. Previous Finalised and Reversed pays will not be updated.


Issues Resolved
  • When Pay Run dates are changed (on the Pay Run List window), the ‘Unfinalised Posting Date’ is now automatically being updated.

  • Button text ‘Undo’ was not changing to read ‘Reverse’ when selecting the last finalised pay run in the Pay Run List window.

  • Made selection wider in Awards > Accruals > Accrual Method so that ‘on Anniversary of…’ is displayed correctly.

  • Fixed incorrect positioning of items in Pay Run window.

  • Removed black line on tab(s) in Reinstate Wizard (cosmetic issue).

  • Fixed left hand border on Login window (cosmetic issue).

  • Unable to add user defined employee code when adding new employee.

  • Hourly rate showing when a salaried employee is taking leave.

  • Fixed issue with Icon on Pay Run window (OK/Next).

  • New icons (and wording) on Company Email Settings window.


V11.00 - Released 07/10/2014
  • Complete redesign of the existing User Interface (UI) but retaining the same functionality.

  • The Background colour in e-PayDay® can now be changed (new Colour Theme menu item in the Options Menu).

  • e-Time™ and e-Leave™ Extensions now included FREE!

  • Added Custom User level access to enable New, Edit and view user defined levels for Company, Awards, Pay Types, Super Funds and Reports.

  • Added STEP 8 – Install Latest Version in Company > End-Of-Year Menu.


  • Removed all Extension Splash Screens.

  • Removed ‘Please Wait’ notification when exiting Reports window.

  • Changed ‘Generating Report’ notification with spinning hourglass icon when generating Reports.

  • Removed a number of Menu items from Main Menu > Options > e-PayDay Extensions.

  • Added Cancel button to ‘Delete old Financial Year Data’ window.

  • When importing a Public Holiday file the message has been removed (an hourglass is now displayed).

  • Removed (and replaced remaining) most of the icons from pull down menus on the Main Window.

  • Increased length of Payslip message from 200 to 360 characters.

  • Renamed Employee HRM tab to HR.

  • Moved e-Leave™ from Employee window, HRM tab to Accruals tab.

  • Increase field length (ability to enter more characters) for the Award Description (increased from 35 to 75) and Classification (increased from 50 to 75).

  • Increased width of field for Pay Type description in Pay Types window.

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