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V15.00 – Released 27 May 2016
  • e-PayDay 15 Desktop has now been increased from a Single Company to 2 Companies.

  • As ECI has now been depreciated (EMPDUPE), PSAR has been implemented to enable users to upload a file to the ATO’s Portal rather than using SBR.

  • SBR V1.0.0.14 now allows users to locate an AUSKey which is not installed on the Computer. (e.g. Keystore.XML is installed to a USB or Hard Drive).

  • End-Of-Year is unable to be processed if there is an active Pay Run.

  • Software Licence Files can now be downloaded and installed directly from our HTTPS Secure Web Server.

  • SBR Log Files can be easily viewed directly from e-PayDay.

  • If there is an outstanding transaction in SBR, the user will now be prompted to complete the submission to the ATO.


  • Changed Payrun to Pay Run in the Employee Wizard.

  • When adding an Employee using the Employee Wizard, pressing TAB will now bring focus to Next instead of Back.

  • Pay Run and Superannuation have been updated to January 2016 in the Practice Company.

  • In Allowances, Click here to check the ATOs Web Site for changes to Taxing of Allowances now links to the most up to date information on the ATOs Website.

  • In Allowances, Click here for details of Taxing of Allowances now links to the most up to date information on the ATOs Website.

  • An alert will now display once Step 6 – Archive Financial Year is completed.

  • As the ATO does not accept US as a valid Country code, the Country menu in Company Details has been updated from US to United States of America

  • An alert will now display for e-PayDay Cloud Users if STEP 8 – Install Upgrade is clicked advising to contact e-PayDay Support to arrange updating the software.


Issues Resolved
  • e-PayDay® will now use the SCN.LIC file (e.g, 760001000.LIC) instead of the e-PayDayBE.LIC file.

  • The Licence file alert has now been updated with correct wording (The licence file has been downloaded).

  • Once the correct Licence File has been loaded, e-PayDay will automatically refresh rather than requiring the user to close and reopen.

  • If the Software Serial Number did not match the e-PayDay BE.LIC, an alert would display advising “The Software License Does Not match this Product” rather than checking the SCN.LIC file (e.g, 760001000.LIC).

  • If Cancel is clicked before entering the Software Serial Number, e-PayDay will automatically close rather than attempting to download a non-existent Licence.

  • If a Termination Pay was reloaded once saved, the Total Tax (E=C+D) would automatically refresh and update.

  • If a Termination Pay included an ETP that was deleted before finalisation, the ETP Value (e.g. O = Other) was not being deleted and still reported on the ETP Payment Summary.

  • The floating Pay Day button would display in front of the open window after changes are saved.

  • The floating Pay Day button would not float when the Company was first opened.

  • If all Pay Types in e-Time™ were listed as Leave (e.g Annual Leave and Loading), Award Rate would still display on the pay envelope once times were posted.

  • An Internal Error was displaying when attempting to email the e-Time Adjusted and Initial Scan Report (e-mail) Report.

  • If Secondary Payment Method is accidentally chosen when adding a new Employee using the Employee Wizard, the user has the option to select BLANKfrom the Combo Box

  • If the EmpClock ID was edited, an internal error would display and e-PayDay would close

  • Contributes to $450.00 Rule is no longer forcibly ticked when Pay Rate Type is set Overtime.

  • None has now been removed as a valid option from Electronic Transfer Method in Government – Taxation.

  • When tax was being edited during the pay run, the Net Pay (A – B – D) was not automatically being updated.

  • Updated PAYRUNL.DAT to PAYRUNL.INI as .DAT was associated with other applications than Notepad.

  • Updated Utilities > Log File > Support Files > PAYRUNL.DAT to PAYRUNL.INI

  • An Expired Software Licence will still be accepted by e-PayDay Desktop.


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