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Version 7.21 - Released 02/10/2013
Issues Resolved
  • Attempting to save a Pay Slip during a Pay Run would cause a Critical error. This was related to new Awards being used.


Version 7.20 - Released 30/09/2013
  • e-Cost™ now includes the facility for a primary cost centre including a tree structure (hierarchies) of sub cost centres (BETA).

  • Option now included to set allowances to be excluded from W1.

  • New export format for Quickbooks Version 15+

  • Added new field in Pay Run window to separately show additional Tax and PAYG amounts; Gross Income (A), Deductions (B), PAYG ©, Additional Tax (D), Total Tax (E = C + D), Net Pay (A – B – D).

  • Large Font Pay Advice Slip, which is easier to read.

  • Pay type ‘Annual Leave (Cashed Out) (Taxed at Marginal Rate)’ which can be used when an employee is cashing out Annual Leave.

  • Expected Payment Date column now added to Super Fund window.

  • The ‘Configure’ option is now available for Pay Advice Report Section. You can now select what Pay Advices are displayed within the list.


  • Updated Practice Data to FYE 2014.

  • ALL e-Time™ operations are ONLY for the selected employees.

  • Options changed during a pay run are kept after the Restore point is created.

  • Additional visual notification when ‘Insert’, ‘Caps Lock’, and ‘Num Lock’ keys are active.

  • Minor cosmetic changes to Company and Superannuation Fund windows.

  • When running reports from the pay run, the location (if set) is now automatically retained when selecting reports.


Issues Resolved
  • If attempting to change a Tax Scale when Tax Scale window open a system error may occur.

  • Accrual Report is again available via the Pay Run Reports.

  • Print/Preview now available once the ‘Do not Include email recipients’ is unticked.

  • ‘DO NOT include email recipients’ checkbox value is saved when exiting the Reports window.

  • You can now create new ‘Deduction Payee’ items.

  • When paying ‘Deduction Payee’ items the ‘Period Start Date’ was updated even if the processed was cancelled.

  • If no value was set for the Electronic Transfer type in the Company a critical error would occur when attempting to create a ‘Taxation’ file for electronic transfer.

  • Multiple Super window not correct height.

  • Reports ‘Employee SG Details Quarterly’ and ‘Employee SG Details YTD’ now show the current SG percentage in the relevant columns.

  • The ‘To’ and ‘From’ dates were not being made hidden in the ‘Report’ window, when changing from ‘Specific Date Range’ to ‘Current Pay Period’.

  • Pay Disbursements Report (FAST-Bank) : BSB dropping leading zeros.


Version 7.10
Released 22/07/2013
  • Ability to exclude email recipients when printing Payslips and Address labels.

  • Updated email configuration screen to detail when editing Global or Company level settings.

  • Employee Transaction report now includes Long Service Leave and TIL.

Issues Resolved
  • FAST-Bank™ icon is no longer hidden in the Sidebar.

  • Critical error when paying a Super Fund.

  • Ongoing issues with Reports accessed from ‘Pay Run Reports’.

  • Processing pays with ‘Annual Leave/Public Holiday/Long Service Leave’ not taxing correctly.


Version 7.02
Released 08/07/2013
  • Reports are now available within the e-Time™ window.


  • Payment Summary reports updated to reflect latest changes.

  • Long Service Reports now include date hired.

Issues Resolved
  • Dollar amounts on the Super Reports have been made wider to fit larger dollar amounts.

  • e-Time™ was not importing the correct times from the Bio-Clock™ under certain conditions.

  • Reports could not be accessed from ‘Pay Run Reports’.

  • ‘Path not Found’ error message when restoring a backup.

  • ‘File’ > ‘New’ menu option was hidden.

  • Payroll Analysis and Pay Disbursements where both printing as the Payroll Analysis Report.


Version 7.01
Released 01/07/2013
  • Allows for the copying and pasting (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X, Ctrl + V) of data within the Time Card of e-Time™.

  • Multi Super payment file functionality is now available for use.


Issue Resolved
  • When running reports from inside a pay run the ‘Report Period’ controls was unlocked and visible.

  • e-Time™ was not processing ‘Post to Time Card’ with the correct default Payrate.

  • Under rare circumstances allowance amounts were being added to the deduction amount on the Payment Summary.


Version 7
Released 1 July 2013 (BETA Released 25/06/2013)
  • FYE 2014 Taxation Changes. For the 2013-14 income year there are no changes to the income tax rates or thresholds. However, there have been changes to tax tables where any of your employees;

    • have a Higher Education Loan Program debt or Financial supplement debt.

    • were paid back payments, commissions, bonuses and similar payments.

    • received an employment termination payment or return to work payment.

    • are seniors or pensioners.

  • Ability to automatically change SG defaults from 9 or 9.00 to 9.25%. When starting e-PayDay® a message is now displayed which allows you to click Yes to permanently change SG from 9.00% to 9.25% or click No to process the changes manually.

  • Medicare Levy Changes.

  • Superannuation Changes.

  • Ability to add a second company, with a maximum of 5 current employees, in e-PayDay® 20 and e-PayDay® SC. Both of these products have been increased from being Single Company only.

  • Added the facility to import data from e-PayDay® Bio-Clock™‘s in multiple locations directly into e-Time™.

  • e-Time™ now uses the first default Pay Type which is set in the Employee window.

  • e-Time™ now has drag and drop Leave types now have the same functionality as the previous 16 Bit Series e-PayDay®.


  • e-Time™ grid row/cell colours changed from vivid to pastel.

  • e-Time™ now uses the same time settings as set in Company settings.

  • e-Port™ Menu on the Main Window to read; Accounting Export (e-Port®).

  • The option to ‘Transfer from old Computer’ is now available when there are no companies to open.

  • A message is now displayed when the email ‘batch’ is finished.

  • The FBT amounts are now showing the ‘lower’ factor amount on the Payment Summaries.

  • Any company can now have independent email settings. If not set, the ‘Global’ email settings are used.


Issues Resolved
  • The BalloonIT control can now be disabled when the Pay Adviser is displayed.

  • e-Time™ was showing total times incorrectly.

  • On a payslip the total time was not showing as per the Company time format setting.

  • Fixed how the ‘Expected Super Payment’ date was being updated.

  • After viewing the ‘Advanced Pay Run’ section in the Employee window incorrect sections were displayed in the HRM sections.

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