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Version 6.04
Released 03/06/2013
Issues Resolved
  • Saving an Award with no Description would cause a system error during a pay run.

  • The Dashboard window would load when ANY other window was loaded.

  • Updated format of PAYG Summary data which is sent to the ATO via ECI.

Version 6.03
Released 23/05/2013
Issues Resolved
  • Fixed issue with e-Time™ not adjusting imported time to the local timezone.

  • Fixed height issue with on the e-Time™ data grids.

  • Editing employee balances which include ETP values would cause an issue when saving.


Version 6.02
Released 13/05/2013
  • When the email queue is completed a message is now displayed.


Issues Resolved
  • When editing a pay run, Cost Centres could not be added or edited until the pay run was saved.

  • Creating a new Pay Type and attempting to add it to a pay run caused a system error.

  • When using specific ETP Paytypes, popup messages would repeat multiple times.

  • e-Time™ now formats the Total Time as defined in the Company settings (i.e. Decimal or Hours and Minutes).


Version 6.01
Released 20/03/2013
  • Ability to shift times left and right for the swipe times in e-Time™.


Issues Resolved
  • Cost Centre information to be used with the Sage Pastel export was not saving correctly.

  • Using an ‘Annual Leave with Leave Loading’ pay type did not calculate the super correctly.


Version 6.00
Released 8 March 2013
  • e-PayDay® 10 (EPBE10) Employee limit has been increased from 10 Employees to 20 Employees. It has also been renamed to e-PayDay® 20 (EPBE20).

  • e-PayDay® SC (EPBESC) Employee limit has been increased from 150 employees to 200 employees.

  • e-Time™ is now available for purchase and can import directly from e-PayDay® Bio-Clock™.


  • e-Time™ is no longer in ‘BETA’ mode. It is now available as e-Time Basic™ (FREE) and e-Time™ (purchasable Extension).


Issues Resolved
  • When opening an employee in an ‘Archive’ would result in sections being locked. This was due to inactive Awards.

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