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V13.30 – Released 11 December 2015
  • You can now rollback to any pay run from the PayDay Window (Reverse has now been removed).

  • Software Licence Files can now be downloaded and installed directly from our FTP Server.

  • e-Port™ Accounting Export to ASIMS (AM-Win) Software.

  • e-Port™ Accounting Export to Clear Enterprise (Clear Objective) Software.

  • The FAST-Bank™ File can now be created from the Pay Run Window.

  • Ctrl and Shift can now be used in Super Manager allowing you to selectively choose the funds for printing reports or creating the SuperStream File.

  • The Employee List Window now displays the Employees Super Fund ID for quick reference.

  • To reprint payslips or reports from the last finalised pay run, double click on the date in the Last Finalised Posting Drop Down Menu.

  • The Employee Masterfile Report can now be exported in a CSV format.

  • When a pay run is finalised, the gross, tax, deductions, allowance and net pays are checked and any differences are displayed.

  • New Report – Employee Barcode/s (EmpClock ID)

  • New Report – Employee Barcode/s (Employee Code)

  • New Report – Employee Reminders and Alerts


  • The Practice Company has now been updated with 2015/16 data.

  • Updated the questions in Employee Taxation to be the same as the questions on the ATO Tax File number (TFN) Declaration.

  • Updated the Rollback Alert to explain in more detail what will happen when you rollback.

  • Updated several Leave Alerts for recording Dates of Leave within the Pay Run.

  • When using Pay Run Navigator, scroll bars were not automatically being displayed.

  • After Super Funds have been selected, the Select All Button can now be clicked to deselect all the highlighted funds.

  • Our Fax Number has been removed from within the program as we no longer have a fax facilities.

  • After Sending X Emails and Wait X Minutes will be available unless Send Emails in a Batch is ticked.

  • If error information returned by the mail server when emailing Pay Slips and Payment Summaries, it will now been recorded in the PayDayEmail text file.

  • Minor cosmetic change to Reports Window.

  • Minor cosmetic change to the e-Mail Status Window.

  • Updated the SuperStream File for the e-PayDay® Gateway – if an employee has not supplied a TFN, this field will be completed with the Payroll Identifier.


Issues Resolved
  • Although FULLY HIDE BANK DETAILS was selected, all of the employees bank details were still displaying on some Pay Slips.

  • The Total Periodic Superannuation Report Contributions Report contained a spelling mistake – Salary.

  • It was reported that the There is a problem connecting to the e-PayDay® Update Server alert was still be displayed when running the most recent version.

  • If an Employees Super Fund changed for Employee Contributions, the alert would not display allowing for the transfer of unpaid contributions to the new fund.

  • If the tax was removed by either clicking backspace or delete, this would not update the pay run window resulting in the tax amount still be deducted.

  • The Super Payment Date can now be edited.

  • If an Employees Super percentage was set to 0.00% when adding them using the Employee Wizard, they were unable to be saved.

  • User Accounts are unable to be saved if there is another account with the same Username.

  • User Accounts are unable to be saved if the Username is ADMIN, ADMINISTRATION or ADMINISTRATOR.

  • Once a batch was created, you were unable to change or update the name.

  • If a pay run was composed before the date e-PayDay FREEPAY® was downloaded, the product would display an alert advising that they had 0 days left and to contact Sales to purchase.

  • If an Employee contained a NULL value (rather than 0) for any Accrual Balances when Check Employee Accrual Balances against Transactions was selected, an error would display.


V13.20 – Released 14 October 2015
  • Create an .ABA file to pay your Superannuation Contributions.

  • New Copy Company function added – now you can easily choose what you want to copy from an existing Company to a new Company, Employees, Pay Types, Awards, Superannuation funds etc.

  • Search Reports – now you have the ability to quickly search for the report you require.

  • Upgraded the 3rd party email client which now provides the ability to use web based email providers.

  • Employees which have never been used in a Pay Run (or have existing Balances or Transactions) can now be deleted.

  • When upgrading or downgrading e-PayDay® Products, you can now easily update your Software Serial Number (SSN).

  • e-PayDay® 3 Cloud™ has now been updated to e-PayDay® 5 Cloud™. with an increase in the employee limit from 3 to 5 Employees.

  • e-PayDay® 10 Cloud™ has now been updated to e-PayDay® 15 Cloud™. with an increase in the employee limit from 10 to 15 Employees.

  • Ability to turn off e-Cost™ alerts if e-Cost™ is no longer being used.

  • Double clicking a report will now open it to preview (no longer automatically added to the Batch Selected Reports List).

  • Includes the ability to turn off automatically checking for the latest updates.

  • The database conversion when upgrading to a new Version has been completely rewritten and is now up to 500% faster (coming in Version 14).


  • Corrected wording on the Unable to connect to the e-PayDay® Update Server alert.

  • Updated the Member Superannuation Alert to be more descriptive.

  • Double clicking on a Report will no longer add it to the Batch Selected Reports… List.

  • There were a number of spelling errors on the SBR Window within Company.

  • The buttons to Add and Delete your Company Logo have now been updated.

  • Change Product Description from e-PayDay® SC Cloud™ to e-PayDay® 250 Cloud™.

  • Change Product Description from e-PayDay® MC Cloud™ to e-PayDay® 750 Cloud™.

  • The Help Menu has been updated to include more detailed options.

  • Updated the e-Cost™ alert is now more descriptive.

  • Corrected spelling mistake displayed on the ‘Annual Leave to high’ alert when an Employee has exceeded their Yearly Entitlement.

  • The Employee List Window will now displayed the current employee count after an Employee is Terminated outside of a Pay Run.

  • Updated the Icons for the Admin Tool and Auto Update Applications which are accessible through the e-PayDay BE Folder.

  • The follow options are available through Help when there is an invalid License file or the SSN is incorrect: Remote Desktop Support, Request a Support Call, e-PayDay Manual, e-PayDay Support, Update Software Serial Number (SSN), Load Software Licence File and About e-PayDay BE Vxx.xx.

  • Utilities > Data and Settings Transfer > Transfer To new Computer is available when there is an invalid Licence file or the SSN is incorrect*

  • To avoid confusion when loading the Software Licence File, e-PayDay now prompts you to locate a .LIC file rather then e-PayDay BE.LIC.

  • Updated the SuperStream File for the e-PayDay® Gateway – Instead of spaces, the file name contains _


Issues Resolved
  • You need to mirror the Superannuation information from employee to EMPSUPER after adding an employee using the Employee Wizard.

  • Adding multiple Employees with the same details using the Employee Wizard.

  • If INACTIVE was selected in the Reports Window, all reports would disappear until the window was closed and reopened.

  • Upon updating to Version 13.10, The SCN for clients using e-PayDay® 15 Subscription™ would display as NO SUPPORT.

  • The Total Periodic Superannuation Contributions Report (available through Super Manager – Reports) has been updated to include Adjustment Amounts where applicable.

  • Updated the Template Databases Folder to ensure all Superannuation % are correctly recorded as 9.50%.

  • Updated FTP Server to resolve ongoing issues with the previous Server..

  • The Employee Transaction Report has now been updated to include an ‘Other’ Pay Rate column.

  • The background when previewing an Export Format in e-Port previously displayed black.

  • The Allowances YTD Summary was displaying an error if there was no information to be printed.

  • The Allowances YTD ATO Summary was displaying an error if there was no information to be printed.

  • The line next to the Pay Rate Type, Allowance Type and Deduction Type would display faded.

  • An error was displayed when the Go To function was used to quickly change from any Reports Window to Deduction Reports.

  • When creating an Employee using the Employee Wizard, you can continue WITHOUT entering an Employee Super Number.

  • Error message displayed, You need to mirror the Superannuation information from employee to EMPSUPER after adding an employee without entering the Employee Super Number using the Employee Wizard.

  • Corrected spacing within the alert when the PayRunL.Dat is unable to be opened.

  • Accessing Reports through Super Manager on the Main Menu Bar would not allow you to load any reports without selecting a Superannuation Fund first.


V13.10 – Released 10 August 2015
  • e-PayDay® 10 Subscription™ has now been updated to e-PayDay® 15 Subscription™ allowing up to 15 Employees within 1 Company.

  • New Employee Wizard – now you can easily add employees one step at a time. Makes adding employees a breeze and also ensures that you don’t forget anything

  • You can now lodge your own Support Requests directly through e-PayDay® by clicking Help then Request Support Call

  • Once a new Company is added, the Navigator will automatically load.

  • Changed Product Description from e-PayDay® SC Subscription™ to e-PayDay® 250 Subscription™

  • Changed Product Description from e-PayDay® MC Subscription™ to e-PayDay® 750 Subscription™

  • Added the Award ID to the Award Field in the Pay Envelope

  • All User Accounts which are currently logged in and accessing e-PayDay® will be detailed

  • Additional fields have been added in the e-Mail Client to allow longer delays between each email and to also send emails in batches.


  • Updated Navigator.

  • Updated the Deduction Type from DO NOT report this Deduction on the ATO Payment Summary to DO NOT Itemise this Deduction on the ATO Payment Summary.

  • Updated the Deduction Type from Report this Deduction on the ATO Payment Summary to Itemise this Deduction on the ATO Payment Summary.

  • Updated all references of Payrun to Pay Run in the Company window.

  • Updated all references of Payrun to Pay Run in the Employees window.

  • Updated all references of Payrun to Pay Run in the Reports window.

  • Updated all references of Payrun to Pay Run in the e-Time™ window.

  • Updated all references of Payrun to Pay Run in the PayDay window.

  • Updated all references of Payrun to Pay Run in Navigator

  • Updated all references of paytypes to Pay Types in Advanced Pay Setup

  • Updated Basic Pay Setup to Pay Types and Cost Centres within the Employee window.

  • Replaced the Registered symbol with the Trademark Symbol for e-Leave™, e-Cost™ and e-Time™.

  • The explanation of an Intermediary in SBR has now been updated.

  • Fax is no longer a compulsory field when adding a new Company.

  • Electronic Transfer Option will be automatically set to SBR when adding a new Company.

  • When processing a Pay Run with Leave, the Pay Adviser Alert has been updated to detail which Pay Types will be Tax Averaged.

  • When closing e-PayDay®, the Pay Adviser Alert has been updated to be more descriptive when detailing which windows are still open.

  • Award Classification has been updated to Award Description.

  • Extended the Payment Notes field in the Super Fund window.

  • Moved the Copy Company Details button within the SBR window to allow users to see it more clearly.

  • Updated the e-Mail Client error messages to be more descriptive when a pay slips fails to be sent.

  • Updated the FAST-Super™ so that the user is no longer prompted in a Pay Adviser alert to enter a receipt number.

  • Awards have now been updated to Awards and Agreements.


Issues Resolved
  • When adding new Employees, the Pay Frequency Field was able to be left blank causing employees to not display when processing a pay run.

  • When adding new Employees, the Sex (Gender) Field was able to be left blank causing e-PayDay® to freeze.

  • On certain reports, employees with the same surname would not display in alphabetical order.

  • When attempting to load the Company Details within Intermediary in SBR, the required fields would not populate with information.

  • When attempting to load the Company Details within Intermediary in SBR, an alert will now display if there are no details set in the Company you are attempting to load.

  • The Report to field within a Deduction Payee was able to be edited, causing reporting issues.

  • An Employees Pay Period can no longer be changed during a pay run as this was causing reporting issues.

  • The FAST-Super™ Wizard was it was incorrectly labelled as FAST-Tax™.

  • If the Country was chosen after the State and Post code when adding a new Company, the State and Post code would be removed.

  • If a window was minimised when using the Navigator, it was unable to be re-maximised.

  • The Payroll Analysis Report has been updated to allow staggered totals.


V13.00 – Released 1 July 2015
Designed for the Financial Year Ending 2016
  • When entering leave accruals and then clicking Exit, a message now displays stating that the accruals with be automatically recalculated.

  • New Report – Scanned times compared to Amended Times.


  • Where displayed/printed, ‘Swipe’ is now ‘Scanned’.

  • A reminder will display when an Extension has been used but not purchased.

  • Changes to Company Limits on EPSC and EPMC.

  • EPUC increased Employee limit from 1000 to 1500 Employees per Company.

  • When setting up a SMSF the USI field is no longer available if the ESA and ABN are completed.

  • If setting up Super Clearing House’ super format the Employment Type has been changed from a code to a full string (f = Full Time). Also does not write the TFN if using one of the ATO special codes (11111111, 22222222 …).


Issues Resolved
  • Rare issue where a file ‘Copy of Employee.mdb’ in their Company Data folder. This was causing the Restore process to fail due to the Employee.mdb file used as a reference to work out file and folder paths. (V12.12)

  • Sick Leave Accrual was not using the first year values for accrual calculations. This error was introduced in the initial V12 release. The code now works as per V11 which worked correctly. (V12.12)

  • Added the SSN to the Company Form caption this is to help with setting or checking a CKEY. (V12.12)

  • Menu ‘EOY’ -> Step 2, was not selecting the correct ‘Report By’ option for the ‘Employee Transaction Report’ which should have been ‘Year To Date’. (V12.13)

  • When previewing the Pay Advices from the Pay Run List window there was very long delay before the Report Window was loaded, a change has now been made which determines which employees were paid out of the selected employees. (V12.13)


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